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Reducing unnecessary stress through; ZERO TOLERANCE RENT ARREARS.

  1. Pay both mid and end of month to your account.
  2. Less than 1% RENT ARREARS.
  3. Allow tenants to pay weekly, fortnightly and monthly.
  4. Contact tenants when they are 3 days in arrears.
  5. Second contact when they are 6 days in arrears.
  6. Automatically send a Notice to remedy on the 8th day if they have not rectified rent.
  7. As the staff members in the Pryce Butler Real Estate office are investors themselves we understand the importance of making sure your payments are in your account as soon as possible.
  8. We also offer the ability to transfer your rent monies before the normal mid and end of month payments as a once off for extenuating circumstances.
  9. We provide individual statements for owners with multiple properties to allow for clear and concise accounting for your records.

Renewal Lease Information

2 months before the conclusion of all lease agreements a rent review is performed to ensure that your property is achieving the optimum rental return.

All renewal lease agreements are geared for January/ February expiry, as this is the peak time for a rental price increase.

At the point of rent review 2 months prior to the completion of the lease agreement we contact your tenants to gauge whether or not they will be renewing for another 12 months.

5 weeks prior to the end of the lease the renewal agreements are sent to the tenants for signing.


The peace of mind that your property is tenanted for another 12 months at a premium rent. If the tenants decide to vacate you have 4 paid weeks to advertise and sign up a new tenant, reducing any potential rent loss days.

Inspection Information

We perform 3 inspections of your property plus a condition report per year at no cost to you.

We provide FREE PHOTOGRAPHS of your property during each routine inspection to keep you up to date through the use of visual aids; not just words on a page: ACCOUNTABILITY.

Inspections are tools for us to maintain your property at peak condition, which ensures your investment, achieves the best rents.

By inspecting your property 3 times a year we are able to guide you with any potential improvements for the future.


Less potential rent days on the market. Consistently achieve higher rents in comparison to similar properties. Reduce the cost of maintaining your property at a high standard. Your property will have the potential to be desirable at all times during the year not only at peak times such as January.

Maintenance Information

A strong relationship with our trades people ensures the work performed is consistently of a high standard with no outrageous quotes. The benefit of this is they provide us with the correct information to prevent any repeat maintenance ‘SAVING YOU MONEY’.

For all maintenance over $500.00 we arrange for multiple quotes for your consideration to ensure the best service, most of all the best price.

We inform you of all the maintenance to be actioned so there are no unexpected payments on your mid and end of month statements.

With our ‘NEW AGENT ONLINE’ facility it will be easier for you to keep track of all current maintenance being performed on your property.

All maintenance is actioned within 24hrs of notification by doing this we are able to stay on top of all minor issues and prevent them from becoming major problems.

We collate, store and email all invoices pertaining to your property to safeguard against losing or misplacing invoices around tax time ensuring you receive the maximum return on your property.

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