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Pryce Butler

Should you at any time be thinking of selling, then you need to be thinking for the future and have your property managed with the right person who cares.

Investment properties are required to be rented at or preferably above the current market medium price, should you be thinking of selling in the future to attract the next investor. Not only does it require to be rented at the highest value it needs to have the highest quality tenant, this ensures your property is maintained to the highest level.

We like to say, “It’s a two-way street, one for the owner to achieve the best rent and tenant, we as agent to earn our income, and we earn our income on performance.

In the past years we have achieved the highest rents and with good quality tenants for our owners, with excellent track record of not going to court. Should you be interested to contact current or past owners of properties that I have managed please email me and I will give you their names and contact details. I am sure they will be happy to speak to you.

Our Aim as Property Managers

Manage your property and provide you with the best service. As our valued Lessor, your interests are our primary concern. Plus:

  • Mid and end of month payments.
  • On line agent- convenience for owners to check that their property is being well maintained.Obtain the best market rent for your investment.
  • Look after your requirements.
  • Return emails and telephone calls promptly
  • Move quickly to secure new tenants.
  • Advertise vacancies on realestate.com.
  • Thoroughly screen all tenancy application as permitted by law.
  • Phone you to discuss any new tenants.
  • Immediately act on maintenance.
  • Obtain 2 quotes for repairs over $500.
  • Daily checks on rent arrears and send relevant notices in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.
  • Do drive-by inspections.
  • Regular 3 monthly inspections (interior photos included).
  • Keep accurate property management records.
  • Provide you with a detailed monthly rental statement by e-mail.
  • Accompany all prospective tenants to your property.

We will

  • Deposit your rental income into your bank account mid-month and end of month.
  • Keep you informed of property investment trends.
  • Put your property on the priority list.
  • Utilise all available means to have your property tenanted prior to the current tenant vacating.
  • Continually have inspections and re-inspections until we find you a tenant.
  • Always prioritise to have your property tenanted at the highest possible market rental values.
  • Consider the costs of all maintenance before proceeding with necessary maintenance to minimise the cost to you.

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