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Home ownership used to be ‘The Great Australian Dream’, no more, it is now the “Great Australian Necessity”!

For baby boomers buying and owning a home was the aim, the object of this was so that upon retirement they could live a comfortable, rent-free retirement on the pension, supplemented, in some cases, by a modest superannuation payout from one of the few employers who offered such a scheme. In 1992 the Superannuation Act was passed into law through the Federal Parliament and employers were obliged to pay part of each of their employees’ income into an approved superannuation fund for that employee’s sole benefit. The objective of this scheme was to achieve, over time, financial independence for Australian workers upon retirement and an ever-diminishing reliance, by the populace, on the aged pension. The experiment has, thus far, failed.

There is no one ‘silver bullet’ explanation for this failure. It is a witch’s brew of decisions, indecision, actions and inactions by successive Parliaments, of all configurations, over the ensuing twenty plus years. Who or what is to blame is of no importance. You have to survive in the circumstances which are, not what might have been. All we can know for sure is that unless YOU plan for YOUR future, it will be grim and, daily, all governments are proving that they are less inclined to help. FACT!!!

So it is clear that if you wish to have anything approaching a quality of life into your longer term future a new and distinct stream of income must be created.

What are your options? Unless you are already very affluent, sadly, there are few strategically safe ones. Pump all that you can into your super fund, at the cost of having any sort of life now. No drinks with friends on a Friday night, no holidays, no fashion upgrades and no nice new car. Even after all that and just before you are due to reap the benefits of your sacrifices, another GFC washes 50% of your super fund away and you are reduced to the pension, that is, of course, providing the Government is still paying one. Another option; you could cut out the middle man and play the stock market yourself. You will need to be well versed in the various stock options available and be able to find a small cheap publicly listed company and hope that it invents something trans-formative or discovers a huge gold reserve before you are due to retire. You will never grow rich trading ‘blue chip’ stock because you can’t afford to buy enough of it. That catch 22 again; you must already be rich to get richer safely. Then, of course, you could invent an app. A proven path to instant riches, but not all of us are IT wizards.
There is one realistic option; Real Estate!

As an example; in 1986 my family purchased a property, in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, for exactly $50,000. It is currently valued at upwards of $1.2 million. Although that is a good news story, it is not the ‘GREAT’ news story. The great news story is that the property cost my family not one cent in real money. Initially through negative gearing against other income and later when, via inflation, the rental return exceeded the mortgage repayments and finally, after the tenants had discharged the bank indebtedness, as pure income. This story is repeated right across Australia by thousands of people just like YOU.

There is a fallacy out there that the young and others, not already in the market, can no longer get in. That suggestion is just that, a fallacy. There is a way into the market, to grow a property portfolio, for the young, the youngish, the not so young and the older. I know them all. Give me a call and let me show you what I can do for you!!

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