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Setting New Standards

At Pryce Butler Real Estate we aim to set a new standard in the level of service and management of our clients properties. We believe that this can only be achieved through maintaining good communication across all aspects of the management of a property with both our clients and our tenants. We set our expectations high for both ourselves and the tenants we entrust our owners’ properties to. We take the time to find the right tenant for the right property because we believe this results in a happy tenant who is proud to look after their home, hold up on their requirements as a tenants and pay the rent on time.

Our approach is focused on delivering value for our clients through ensuring their properties are managed to highest of standards and with as little need for their involvement as possible.

Available 24/7

When marketing our client’s properties, we understand that 9 to 5 does not work for everyone’s schedule. We work by the philosophy that we will do whatever it takes to make sure the properties we manage don’t sit empty any longer than they need to. This means we work with our potential new tenants, making ourselves available to show them properties at times the fit in with their schedule.

Quality Property Network

We aim to have an extensive property network. We only take on properties that reflect the same quality level of service we provide to both out clients and our tenants. We believe that treating our tenants with respect builds a positive report with them. This translates into more open lines of communication so issues can be addressed with as little incidence as possible. We want our Tenants to be with us for life choosing our managed properties over our competitors.

Proactive Management

We believe that to manage a property properly, we need to be aware of each property’s status at all times. This means that beyond the routine inspections and we take the time to monitor the property at random times to provide us with a more accurate picture of the tenant and their up keep of a property when not facing an inspection.  Our management also includes selecting the best possible maintenance team who deliver on price, but more importantly on the quality of their work that meets our own high expectations for the management of a property.

Your Property is our Property

When we take on a property for a client, our attitude is to we treat that property as if it were our own. This means ensuring that it is always kept up to the highest of standards and we take the time to consider the appropriateness of a proposed tenant and their fit for a property.

We stay on top of the inspections and ensure rents are paid on time and manage rent arrears assertively yet fairly. We offer our clients unique ways to make sure their properties are always presented in their best light through routine maintenance by qualified contractors. We also consider the financial resources of the client and ensure that they are always receiving value.

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